Beeco Kitchen Composter——Reserve Order Deposit

Beeco Kitchen Composter——Reserve Order Deposit

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Save up $700 USD
when you reserve your
Beeco Composter today!

To receive this offer, simply place $50 USD deposit
and you will be locked in for our exclusive discount,
putting down $50 USD now, locks in a 47% discount off
our MSRP of $1499 USD.

How to use it?

We'll send you a link to our indiegogo campaign's secret perk,
You can buy it for $749 at our Indiegogo campaign,
which means you just need to pay a grand total of $799
(Including shipping and VAT).


Beeco Kitchen Composter

Turn food waste into REAL fertilizer everyday.


The most convenient

kitchen appliance since…ever!

Beeco is the smart home kitchen composter that easily turns
kitchen waste into real organic fertilizer in a natural way.



Beeco makes REAL compost

Nature breaks stuff down with sun, air, water, and microbes.
We using an exclusive microbial starters* to accelerate the fermentation and decomposition of organic matter in food scraps.

When Beeco is running, the right temperature and air flow it provides is perfect for microbial reproduction and metabolism thereby greatly reducing the composting time.


Beeco App management system combined with the machine's sensors,
allows users to remotely monitor and operate Beeco processes on their smart phones.


Fit in any kitchen

Designed for home kitchens,
the large storage space can be filled at any time.

The benefits of Beeco

Designed for every kitchen

•The large capacity can hold up of the food waste of a family of four for a week (2.5kg),
no need for daily emptying and cleaning.

• Can handle most types of food.

Safe for every home


•LED UV + Nano Photocatalysts are used,
together with a high temperature disinfection process,
No germs. No bacteria.

• Child & pet protection system, avoid any unexpected open.


Easy for everyone 

• Touch panel, one button operation.
• Infrared induction entry port,Automatically opens and closes.
• Use app for remote operation.(compatible with Android and IOS systems)

Sssh. Works quietly

Beeco makes less noise than your fan,only 50dB, You can barely hear it,
go have a sound sleep without any sound.


Yay. Low energy usage

We use a high quality housing to maintain the internal temperature,
instead of continuous heating.

On average, using Beeco will consume less than 2 kW-h of energy in a day.

Wow. Odor-free

The photocatalytic nano-coating of TiO2* in beeco can effectively eliminate 95% odor,
we also use activated carbon to adsorb and filter odors,
to make sure no bad odors get out from Beeco,
No matter what you put in, or how long you put it in.